Increase Vertical Leap - How to Get More Hops

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If you want to dominate the courts then I have the solution for you. Increase your vertical leap with proven results to get you at least an increase of 6 inches in the first 60 days. Learning to increase your vertical is best learned from someone else who has been able to increase their own and has taught others to do so aswell.

The ability to "fly" per say comes from your calf muscles. There are exercises that you can do to increase your jumping ability that don't require any programs to buy, but if you are truly serious about having an increase in your jump than you should really consider checking some training programs.

1. The easiest and most common exercise is by jumping rope. This works extremely well, but the key is to keep on your toes don't go flat foot. By keeping on your toes it forces your calf muscle to get a work out through the entire movement.

2. The next one may seem silly, but JUMP. That's right simply jump around. What's the old saying practice makes perfect. By practicing your jumping you are working all of the necessary muscles involved in jumping, so this will inturn help increase your jumping ability.

3. Sprints are another great exercise, have you ever checked out any track stars' calf muscles, they're enormous. That's because when you sprint you keep on your toes the whole time. You actually try to dig your toes into the ground to push off harder and faster with each step.

These are 3 simple exercises that will help you increase your vertical leap. These will work for you, they will take a while, but they will work. Above I mentioned finding a training program to follow would be a better solution and I believe this whole-heartedly, do you ever see any professional athletes go about training for an event by themselves, heck no they have coaches and a planned regiment to guide them through their training mapping out every detail of the training.

by Steven Boudreau

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