How To Dribble A Basketball

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here's one thing that stimulates me the most about dribbling. It's the only thing that glitches my mates if I received the ball. Guess what do I do on them? Dribble. I will pass to them simply it'd take seconds or minutes until I'm done with my dribbling. What's so playfulness and exciting about dribbling anyway? It's the round that you get to hear from each one time the ball hits the ground. It is the rhythm on how you move and dance with the ball. It's how you confuse your opponent with your sick moves. Those are the things that made me so into dribbling.

When I play with my friends, I can't really see their excitement in basketball other than just to score and win. Where's the fun part of that? Everybody can score but not everybody can dribble right? You have to be the one who makes the game exciting and fun!

If you've decided to be a dribbler right away after reading what I talked about above, well, here's some tips for you to start with!

1) Get a nice song or music, instrumental maybe, that makes you feel like move, in other words, dance.

2) Listen to that song and feel it!

3) Go to the court and play basketball alone, no supervisions. Just go there and dribble like crazy with the music along. Now you don't really have to bring your MP3, iPod, iPad, Galaxy Tab, Droidpad, whatever they are as you dribble along. The music must've stuck into your head when you listened to it for the last time.

4) Keep doing the same thing with different kind of musics.

5) Watch videos on how basketballers dribble (with their sick moves) . Suggestions? Hot Sauce, The Professor, Snake, Six Combo.

Well basically these are the things that I do!You can mark my words since it worked for me! There's no need to push yourself. Just relax. Get a music, and dribble, like crazy.


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